Art Davis launched his musical career at age six, en route to becoming a classical violinist. At age 10, he was discovered as a singer, and performed professionally as a singer-guitarist from then on.

By the time he graduated from college, cum laude, with a degree in Philosophy, Mr. Davis was an accomplished performer and composer, performing in such elite venues as The Bitter EndThe Living Room, and the The Friars Club. At the latter, his audience consisted of Milton Berle, Joe E. Lewis, Sylvia Syms, Billy Daniels, and many other notables.

In the 1970s his interest in both Eastern and Western Philosophy led him to the field of Parapsychology and to various methods of mental and physical relaxation.

His success with these, as well as other experiential research, generated a strong desire to pass along his dramatic discoveries.

Philo Music Therapy is the result of years of helping people from all walks of life learn to relax their minds and achieve their goals with his simple and fun, yet remarkably effective techniques.


In Art’s words:

How I developed/created Philo Music Therapy:

When I first heard about these concepts, and the many famous and successful people who had employed them like Andrew Carnegie, the steel magnate, and others,I was somewhat skeptical.

However, once I learned to quiet down the left brain hemisphere—the repetitive mental “radio” that keeps playing the same thoughts and concerns over and over—my intuitive, creative energies emerged.
I visualized feeling great about my work and my life. Within a
short period of time, new music, new lyrics and new ideas came
pouring through me.

That is when I began quietly developing and practicing the approaches
that have become Philo Music Therapy.I knew then that I could help
people achieve positive life-results, based on their inner, native abilities.

Now I find great pleasure in writing about, and teaching,the very process that has worked sobeautifullyfor me and so many others.