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Art Davis is the founder of Philo Music Therapy. He developed Philo Music Therapy by experimenting with various intuitive approaches, through which he was able to overcome his own creative “stuckness” and chronic insomnia. He found that once he was able to quiet down the repetitive, chattering, left hemisphere of his brain, his intuitive, creative energies emerged. When he then visualized feeling elated and uplifted about his work and his life, within days of doing so, new music and lyrics began pouring through him. Then, one night, the music, “The Trilogy Experience” came through to him. He knew exactly what its purpose was and that, with it, along with the other innovative PMT techniques, he'd be able to help many people learn this valuable method in an enjoyable, pleasant, and simple way. This motivated him to practice, develop, and expand upon the methods that ultimately would become Philo-Music Therapy, a self-therapy, self-fulfillment process, which includes an e-book and audio presentation.

Philo Music Therapy is based on the time-tested premise that personal fulfillment can be attained by visualizing positive life outcomes which have been potentized and given dynamic force by having accessed serene, expanded brain wave states and the peace-of-mind that accompanies them. This allows you to magnetize your system to your aspired life-results.

Art Davis lives in New York City and is a sought-after motivational speaker, composer, and musician who graduated cum laude with a degree in Philosophy. He went on to study Eastern teachings where he discovered the power of applying spiritual principles and visualization to affect inner and outer change. He deeply delved into the disciplines of George Gurdjieff, Jan Cox, and the Sufi mystics, and is a graduate of The Silva Method. Now, his popular Philo-Music Therapy seminars are being offered periodically throughout the year.

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